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With the upcoming Launch Module, there are still questions on whether or not we will be dealing with group sizes that are over 4 and under 12. As already mentioned in the previous design update for the Launch Module, those group sizes created a rift in how teams are balanced and having to try to determine an arbitrary number of players we would consider over powered in the public queue.

We have stated...

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Money. Everyone wants it and no one ever has enough. So how are the rewards structured in Mechwarrior Online and what should you be doing to get more money faster?

C-bill Breakdown

What this means for you:

Don’t play Conquest for cbills. At best you can hope to break even, however, most games will reward significantly less. M...

The North American RHoD Season 3 League has been recently re-vamped after the Week 5 break due to the departure of 5 of the 15 initial teams in the league. After discussion with the remaining teams, it was agreed to merge all teams into one Division (or lack of a division, to be more accurate!). In order for all teams to play against each other in a round robin format, 4 additional weeks were added.

As it stands, 2 teams remain undefeated: the venerable Steel Jaguar Gaming and the...


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