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All across the Free Worlds League, factories have been leveled, capitals are on fire, and thousands of mechs lay shattered across 53 different worlds. 34 competing mercenary and pirate units fighting for and against the four remaining great houses of the FWL, battled it out for just over six months; culminating into yet again, one of the greatest Community Warfare events the MWO universe has ever seen.

This campaign once again set the record in MWO for the largest number of recorded matches between North American units, weighing in at 189 best of 5 series' for a total of 691 games played. I know that this is a new league record for Mech Warrior Online, and a testament to the love that the community holds for the world of Battletech as this season crushed the previous records held by MCW Season 2. With an estimated 6,5...

A new twitch channel has just gone live for the MWO community. MWOPro, a channel featuring the some of the best pilots and teams in MWO currently has been the project of the competitive community for the last few weeks.  The goal is to bring more attention and excitement to MWO's competitive scene with the intent of showcasing the skill and knowledge these competitive pilots have to offer. Just to give you a glimpse of the teams and pilots that you will be finding on MWOPro now and in the future:

=GK= Vercinaigh228th Vercinix
=GK= SurlyMowhawkSwK Twinkyoverlord
=GK= Peter2000SwK Captain Terrific
=GK= QuinttSwK Imminent
[BS] Proton[/...

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Greetings MechWarriors!

This week's patch includes a number of major fixes and new implementations for all players to benefit from. First and foremost is the ability to rejoin a match after disconnecting. Regardless of the reason for disconnecting, you now have a 2 minute timer to allow you to rejoin the match and receive full rewards from gameplay. You can still rejoin after 2 minutes, however you will not receive rewards. This timer is in place to prevent the disconnect/reconnect system from being abused via farming. You will also receive your in-game rewards if you happened to have died before disconnecting, regardless of the timer.

Please make note though, if you were in a group prior to disconnecting, you will have to rejoin that group after the match is over if you wish to continue being grouped up with them.

We have also improved the Launch function with a Play Now feature. ...

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A Jump Jet Update

We are updating Jump Jets to bring the gameplay aspects surrounding them back into line where they should be. Again, it is very important to remember that Jump Jets are for maneuvering purposes only and not meant to make a 'Mech fly around the environment.

In order for us to reach our goal, two new aspects have been updated to Jump Jets.

First: Jump Jet Heat.

Table Top (TT) rules add 3 heat instantaneously upon using any number of Jump Jets. Now naturally we can't do that without severely penalizing anyone using a Jump Jet no matter the duration or how many are being fired. What we're doing for MWO is creating a baseline Heat Per Second for a single Jump Jet. This single Jump Jet causes a maxed Single Heat Sink 'Mech to hit around 3% heat. Adding 4 more Jump Jets will take this same 'Mech to around 10% heat after a full burn.

What this does is not cause a 'Mech...


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