I decided it was about time we got some new tier lists going. Keep in mind, these are mainly focused at competitive play, but it should translate over decently well to pug play too. For now, I'm only counting mechs that have been fully released, so no clans yet except for the Kit Fox. I'll add clans as they become available to bring to comp play, using RHOD as my rule of thumb.

Disclaimer: this is all my (experienced and very well informed) opinion. I'm sure some of you will disagree, but that's fine. Since the recent slew of changes, the meta is shaking itself out so this list could change very quickly. A mech's position within a tier doesn't mean much, but I did try to keep the better mechs towards the start of the tier.

I've broken it down into 4 sections (divided by range bracket and then a separate list for light mechs) and created 3 tiers for each one. I included a build for each of the mechs - these aren't the only builds you can run effectively, but they'r...

By TheMagician (SJR)

RHoD: NA Week 3 Results

Open Division 1:
QQ Mercs & Co. defeated 10th Solaris Rangers (2-2-0) [W/D/L]
Heralds of Ragnarok defeated Comstar Irregulars (3-0)
Skye Rangers defeated MarineMechs (3-0)

Open Division 2:
CGB: Bad News Bears defeated Desert Rats (3-0)
Apocalypse Lancers lost against Star League Defense Force (1-3)
The Templars defeated Phoenix Dominion 1st Battalion (3-0)

Premier Division:
Swords of Kentares defeated Golden Keshik: Big Bad Wolves (2-2-1)
228th IBR lost against Clan Smoke Jaguar Alpha Galaxy (2-3)
House of Lords (BYE) [match versus SiG, SiG withdrew]
Steel JaguaR (BYE)

By TheMagician (SJR)

We have now completed round 4 of 6. At the end of six rounds, the top 4 teams enter into a single elimination playoff.

Round 4 Results:
Antares Scorpions defeated Varangian Guard of FRR (3-1)
The Templars defeated Frati Mazzolatori (3-0)
United Mechanized Assault lost against Russian Jade Falcon (0-3)
Heavy Rocco Seals defeated Phoenix Dominion 3rd Battalion (3-0) [forfeit and PhD withdrew]
Black Spikes Mercenary Corporation defeated Blackstar Alliance - Midnight (3-0)
White Death Mercenary Company defeated Robinson Rangers (3-0)
Clan Nova Cat Alpha Galaxy lost against Praetorian Legion (1-3)
Standings after 4 rounds:

RankTeamGamesW/D/LPointsScore. Diff.
1Russian Jade Falcon43/0/19

By Antonius Rex @ http://marikcivilwar.enjin.com/


All across the Free Worlds League, factories have been leveled, capitals are on fire, and thousands of mechs lay shattered across 53 different worlds. 34 competing mercenary and pirate units fighting for and against the four remaining great houses of the FWL, battled it out for just over six months; culminating into yet again, one of the greatest Community Warfare events the MWO universe has ever seen.

This campaign once again set the record in MWO for the largest number of recorded matches between North American units, weighing in at 189 best of 5 series' for a total of 691 games played. I know that this is a new league record for Mech Warrior Online, and a testament to the love that the community holds for the world of Battletech as this season crushed the previous records held by MCW Season 2. With an estimated 6,5...



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