5 Games, Free Mech

This weekend you can win a free unreleased Phoenix Mech! Win 5 games anytime between April 18 at 10am PDT and April 22 at 10am PDT, and get the Thunderbolt TDR-9S with a MechBay for Free! This Mech is released on April 22 for everyone to purchase, but by completing this challenge you can get early access to the TDR-9S and destroy battlefield! No Opt-in required. Track your progress and redeem your TDR-9S & Mec...

Posted by Jman5 on qqmercs.com

Money. Everyone wants it and no one ever has enough. So how are the rewards structured in Mechwarrior Online and what should you be doing to get more money faster?

C-bill Breakdown

What this means for you:

Don’t play Conquest for cbills. At best you can hope to break even, however, most games will reward significantly less. M...

The North American RHoD Season 3 League has been recently re-vamped after the Week 5 break due to the departure of 5 of the 15 initial teams in the league. After discussion with the remaining teams, it was agreed to merge all teams into one Division (or lack of a division, to be more accurate!). In order for all teams to play against each other in a round robin format, 4 additional weeks were added.

As it stands, 2 teams remain undefeated: the venerable Steel Jaguar Gaming and the...



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