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This time we're talking about the Thunderbolt. That's right! This once-joke mech has had a SHOCKING turn-around and is now a machine of murder and mayhem! Do you wanna roll people in this quietly badass robot? I know I do! So let's get on with it!


For a long time, the Thunderbolt was seen as a real piece of shit, a less-than-mediocre mech with a reputation for sucking, and sucking hard. But all of that changed when the quirk system went into place and now it sucks a little bit less! Specifically, the 5SS variant is a goddamn badass DPS machine, but the other variants have joined the ranks of the marginally usable as well!

There are 4 variants and we will walk through the best ways to equip and play them all, but let's just clear the air right now and say that the 3 best variants to use for eliting this beast are the 5SS, 9SE, and t...

Hey guys! This is the second installation of master mech guides, and this is for the Timber Wolf. I know that the current habit is for me to release the guide on the day that the mech is released…but I’ve got a plan for releasing at least one of these guides a week – probably alternating between IS and Clan, I just missed last week – sorry! But I’ve got a Victor article prepped and ready to go and I should be releasing one about the Thunderbolt soon after this comes out! I tried to get them both ready to be released today but it was getting a bit late…


The Timberwolf, at this moment, is probably the most imbalanced mech in the game. It is, in my opinion, directly superior to every Inner Sphere mech, and the only mech that I think can out-perform it a significant percentage of the time is the Dire Wolf, whose maneuverability weaknesses bring it down to being the second best mech in the game.  If I had one word to describe this mech, it wo...

I'm taking the release of the Stormcrow as an opportunity to release the first in what (I hope) will be a series of article/guides. Basically, these are to help you quickly and painlessly master a chassis – complete with a number of builds, tips on how to run them, and all sorts of other juicy goodies. On with it!


In general, the Stormcrow is seen as an incredibly powerful and versatile medium mech, with the main (if not only) shortcoming being its lack of jumpjets, and maybe its heat issues before you get double basics. Not only does it have the firepower to match an Inner Sphere heavy mech with ease, but its hitboxes let you tank further than a 55-tonner has any right to (but don't get cocky, your armor values haven't actually been doubled). When you combine its slim torso sections with its skinny legs, high speed, and stupid fucking hands that can catch shots like crazy, it represents a powerful and durable addition to any mechwarrior...

By TheMagician (SJR)

RHoD: NA Week 3 Results

Open Division 1:
QQ Mercs & Co. defeated 10th Solaris Rangers (2-2-0) [W/D/L]
Heralds of Ragnarok defeated Comstar Irregulars (3-0)
Skye Rangers defeated MarineMechs (3-0)

Open Division 2:
CGB: Bad News Bears defeated Desert Rats (3-0)
Apocalypse Lancers lost against Star League Defense Force (1-3)
The Templars defeated Phoenix Dominion 1st Battalion (3-0)

Premier Division:
Swords of Kentares defeated Golden Keshik: Big Bad Wolves (2-2-1)
228th IBR lost against Clan Smoke Jaguar Alpha Galaxy (2-3)
House of Lords (BYE) [match versus SiG, SiG withdrew]
Steel JaguaR (BYE)

By TheMagician (SJR)

We have now completed round 4 of 6. At the end of six rounds, the top 4 teams enter into a single elimination playoff.

Round 4 Results:
Antares Scorpions defeated Varangian Guard of FRR (3-1)
The Templars defeated Frati Mazzolatori (3-0)
United Mechanized Assault lost against Russian Jade Falcon (0-3)
Heavy Rocco Seals defeated Phoenix Dominion 3rd Battalion (3-0) [forfeit and PhD withdrew]
Black Spikes Mercenary Corporation defeated Blackstar Alliance - Midnight (3-0)
White Death Mercenary Company defeated Robinson Rangers (3-0)
Clan Nova Cat Alpha Galaxy lost against Praetorian Legion (1-3)
Standings after 4 rounds:

RankTeamGamesW/D/LPointsScore. Diff.
1Russian Jade Falcon43/0/19



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